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"By the time most people decide to file bankruptcy, their credit it already messed up..."


Bankruptcy doesn't work the way you think!

For instance, people think that when they file bankruptcy, they will lose everything they own. NOT TRUE. Most of our bankruptcy clients don't lose any property.

People also think that filing bankruptcy will hurt their credit. In most cases, this is not true either. The reason is simple: By the time most people decide to file bankruptcy, their credit it already messed up.

Think about it... if you credit is already messed up, bankruptcy can't hurt it. Once your credit is messed up, filing bankruptcy can't do anything but help. The fact is that filing bankruptcy can actually help you rebuild credit ... because the first step to rebuilding credit is to get rid of debt ... and that is exactly what bankruptcy does best.


Bankruptcy Alternatives
Maybe all you need is a consumer credit counseling debt reduction plan ... the same type of plan you see advertised on TV and the radio ... where you can reduce payments without filing bankruptcy. We can tell you about that.

This type of plan is extremely useful if all you need is to lower the payments on a few credit cards. If you qualify for one of these plans, many of your creditors will stop hitting you with late fees and over-the-limit charges, and will even make positive changes to your credit report, to show that you are now current on your bills.

And if you don't qualify ... there are other options. For instance, it may be in your best interest to lower payments by getting a loan to consolidate some of your bills or by refinancing a debt.